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What our students are saying…

Learning at Bo Law Kung Fu has revealed to me who I was and gave me the tools to be who I wanted to be. I have not completed the journey but Bo Law started me on the Path. Sifu inspires us as a role model with his attitude and his exhibition of “martial morality” as well as with his tremendous skill. I’ve not met someone to whom I’ve looked up to like him. Bo Law exemplifies why this art has lasted thousands of years. Thank you. – Steven T.

I’ve been a student here for five years. Having practiced yoga, pilates and various forms of dance, I found Kung Fu to be the best form of total body workout, with the added benefit of learning life philosophies from Sifu Koh. – Rachel L.

Sifu Paul Koh is the consummate martial arts teacher and embodies that which most of us can only ever aspire to. Sifu is of course extraordinarily skilled, professional and passionate about Kung Fu but he is also a father figure who takes a keen interest in all of his students. – Jason E.

The classes have had a profound effect on my every day life. I have started focusing more on quality, and handling things in life with care and patience. I am learning not to be afraid to push myself and to not be so apprehensive when faced with life’s challenges. – Shante C.

The instructors made sure to teach beyond the physical aspects of martial arts and really encouraged self-discipline and awareness.
– Steven B.

What you get is a new self awareness, and an urge to make yourself better. Master Koh is always there morning and night, and he understands the personal needs of his students. – Dililah S.

I consider Sifu and his instructors an extension of my family. Training with Bo Law has given my husband and I greater depth into our physical, mental and spiritual abilities and a family that I feel proud to be a part of. – Monsoon.

After six months of classes, I am in the best shape I have been in since high school. Aside from being an intense workout, the classes help to develop a greater sense of mental focus and make you want to strive to be better. – Justin L.

At Bo Law, you will not only learn self defense from Sifu Koh, but you will learn about yourself in ways you never thought possible as well as improve your physical and mental health. – David S.


Sifu Paul Koh is kind and patient. He not only tries to teach you Kung Fu, but also tries to teach you about yourself.” — John M

It is more than just a place to work out but a place to sharpen yourself as a person both in body and mind” — Justin P